Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Dont Sweat the Small Stuff

My drive to work in the morning is usually busiest as I’m leaving the neighbourhood to get on to the highway.  It’s not a far drive, but it’s congested depending on the time you leave. 
This morning, I left a small gap between myself and a pick-up hitched to a small trailer.  Out of nowhere (actually out of a plaza), another car came and pushed itself into the small gap I had left really for the safety of my car and the pick-up.  I sat fuming, having been bullied by the car coming out of the plaza.  But as I drove off, I thought to myself, this guy who pushed himself into my space is driving away thinking either nothing of this incident, OR, is happy that he pushed himself in front of someone.  As I drove the fuming slowly melted, and I thought to myself, if he thought nothing of this incident (he may not even think this was an ‘incident’), then I’m the only one sitting here angry.  If he was happy to have pushed himself into my ‘safety gap’, then at least I’ve been able to give someone a bit of happiness for the morning since I don’t know what the rest of his day might be like.
At the end of the day, it was a space taken up that didn’t make me any more or less early or late for work.  Let’s not get wound up over small details.  We’re only hurting ourselves.  J  So don’t sweat the small stuff, and let’s take care of us and others.  #staypositive

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