Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Change Is Inevitable

Have you ever had that feeling where you either wake up one morning and feel a little different, or you hear a song or hear someone speak, and all of a sudden you feel a little different inside.  Almost like one of those ‘light bulb’ moments have occurred and you see things differently or think along a different line.
I had one of those moments a couple days ago.  It was a moment of clarity, within which I felt a moment of being at peace in the world. 

I realized from this experience that we are inundated with both positive and negative influences on a daily basis.  How you choose to let those influence you is up to you.  Changing for the better, and letting positive influences enter your life will feel good inside.  You’ll know it when you feel it.  The interesting part is letting go, feeling the change, and trying to understand what is going on.  Think about what you may have heard, or seen.  Sometimes, when your soul hears or sees something, it resonates, and you have no control of the positive change that is about to happen.  You may not know until you sit back and realize there’s something different about you.  However it happens, let it, and be open to the positivity that is around you. 

When people tell you to avoid negative influences, it’s to ensure these negative influences have no effect on our minds and actions.  That is not to say ignore them.  Recognize these negative influences, be it in someone else’s words or actions directed at you or someone else.  Recognize them and understand them, so you know what to avoid, and what you do not want to put out to the world. 

When trying to take a step in the positive direction, understand that you are human and will make mistakes, and sometimes, negativity may find its way into your words or actions.  As said before, recognize it, brush yourself off and try again.  Living positively is about baby steps.  You just have to want to.  Make sure your actions and words are positive.  Think before you do or say anything, to ensure you are not hurting anyone intentionally.  After a while, this will come naturally, and you will see the world in a much more peaceful and positive light.

Live and Breathe Positivity! 

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